The New

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Beautiful Photographs

The first thing you’ll notice (we hope!) is the images. ONDA is grateful to the many talented photographers who share their photos with us each year to grace the pages of our annual Wild Desert Calendar, our newsletter, and this website.

For these photographers, sharing images with ONDA is an extension of their commitment to public lands. You can see who took any particular image by clicking on the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the photo.  And, you can read the bios of our frequent contributors here.

With images that span the width of the page and photo galleries, our new website was designed to provide a better showcase for their images and, in turn, a better showcase for the beauty of Oregon’s high desert.

Site visitors can also get to know the ONDA team better now, thanks to the professional photography provided by Michelle Bauer.



A Volunteer Twice Over

Sage Brown joins us frequently on stewardship trips, where he not only lends a hand in the restoration work, but also documents the experience.

Read our photograher's bios

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An Eye on the Desert

Jim Davis's dramatic landscape images have brought more attention to every region in which ONDA works.

Explore Sutton Mountain

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How Greg Burke Sees the Desert

Greg Burke's compelling images of Steens, ancient junipers, bighorn sheep and more have illustrated our Wild Desert Calendar each year, bringing the high desert into thousands of households.

Check Out the Wild Desert Calendar

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Dedicated Photographers

Tyler Roemer, whose images have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, Men’s Journal, Rock & Ice, Outside Magazine, and moree, is dedicated to capturing genuine life moments in the outdoors with athletes at play.

Meet the Photographers

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Looking Sharp

Michelle Bauer's great portraiture skills captured the friendly, professional spirit of ONDA's staff.

Meet the Staff

Michelle Bauer   Website

Better Visitor’s Guides

We had a good deal of visitor info on our old site, but it was admittedly a bit tricky to find. In this version, we’ve made this information a bit more prominent and we’re looking forward to adding more content to these guides in the coming year. We hope you’ll use our visitor’s guides as a starting point for your own exploration of these remarkable regions.

Enjoy the beautiful photographs and learning more about Oregon’s High Desert! We hope you won’t find too many broken links or typos, but, if you do, please feel free to email a note to our communications manager and we’ll do our best to get it fixed right away.

The New

Welcome to the new ONDA website. Well, hello there reader! If this is your first time visiting ONDA’s website, you can skip right past this post and carry on in your exploration of this site. Those of you who have been following ONDA for a few years will have noticed that our website looks...

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365 Days of Beauty

ONDA’s Wild Desert Calendar highlights the beauty of Oregon’s high desert In 2004, a crew of motivated, scrappy and talented Oregon Natural Desert Association supporters dreamed up the idea of creating a photographic collection dedicated solely to the beauty of Oregon’s high desert. Thus, ONDA’s Wild Desert Calendar was born!

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How to Talk to Your Friends about Public Lands

Now more than ever, we need everyone who loves public lands to speak up for them, or we risk losing these places. Many people simply don’t realize that the places they enjoy hiking, biking, and rafting through are threatened. And those of us who are concerned about the future of our public lands don’t...

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Giving Wild Animals Freedom to Roam

Volunteers remove obsolete fence from more than 90,000 acres in the Steens Mountain Wilderness The 97,229 acre cow-free portion of the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area in southeastern Oregon is now completely free of obsolete barbed wire fence, thanks to the work of Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) volunteers who removed the last two miles...

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Wilderness Values: A View from Above

Oregon Natural Desert Association employee Jeremy Austin realizes a childhood dream, and takes to the sky across southeastern Oregon with LightHawk. Photos by Jim Davis with aerial support by LightHawk. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? As kids growing up, we used to ask ourselves this question almost daily. For...

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Elliott Dubreuil’s Desert Legacy

From the moment he arrived in Oregon, Elliott Dubreuil felt drawn to its dry side. The Louisiana native moved to Bend in 1993. He picked the small town to avoid the rain and still fulfill a job requirement to live in the Pacific Northwest. And the more the outdoor gear sales rep drove Eastern...

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